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The following Journals, originally edited and published by Brigitte Lange are a collection of some of the most comprehensive Jack Stock information published since the late 19th and early 20th centuries. As a breeder, and Secretary of the American Mammoth Jack Stock Registry - AMJR/SJJR, Ms. Lange dedicated much of her life to promoting, and preserving the integrity of the breed.

The Journals contain educational articles, historical information, and numerous  photos of Jack Stock of the day, as well as many photos of Jack Stock from the past. Brigitte left no stone unturned in her pursuit of interesting, and helpful content.

These Journals are true Jack Stock treasures that anyone interested in American Mammoth Jack Stock will enjoy reading more than once. There is considerable knowledge to be gained on the history of the breed and AMJR, as well as the care, breeding, training and promotion of the breed from the content of the Journals.

The legacy of Brigitte A. Lange, her dedication to American Mammoth Jack Stock, is forever preserved in the content of the American Mammoth Jack Stock Journals she took such care in editing and publishing.

Please note:  American Mammoth Jack Stock Journal is copyright protected.
Any form of reproduction, republishing, broadcasting, rewriting or redistribution of any and all content, including logos, graphics and photos, is prohibited.
VOLUME I - January 1988 thru October 1988 Issues
January 1988
(20 pages)




All Rights Reserved.
Pg.  1....About the Cover/Great Eastern
Excerpt From Greatest Jack Stock Importations 1885 to 1889
Pg.  3....Jack Service Contract
Pg.  4....New Buyers Guide
Pg. 16....Deceptive Breeding Power
greatest jack stock importations 1885 to 1889:
     "They found no jacks in the immediate vicinity of Barcelona, but on going out into the country they found the very thing for which they had been so long looking. At Grannollers, they bought a magnificent five year old, 15-1/2 hand jack called Jumbo, which was afterwards sold for $2,000, and........"
Deceptive Breeding Power:
     "Worth mentioning is the deceptive breeding power of some good jacks whose pedigrees are short and who came from defective families. Any animal possesses, and passes on, the characteristics of his race. If there are inferior animals in his pedigree near him, some of their inferior points are more liable to appear in his offspring. No cross-bred animal can breed according to his personality. He can not show in the conformation of his body more than half the qualities which he carries and transmits. So that if by chance......."
April 1988
(33 pages)
All Rights Reserved.
Pg.  1....About the Cover/Belle of Tennessee
Pg.  2....A Word About This Issue
Pg.  3....Mailbox: A Letter From A Friend
Pg.  4....Breed Profile: American Mammoth Jack Stock
Pg.  7....Systems Of Breeding: The Choice Is Yours
Pg. 10....Building The Foundation: Foal Management Considerations
Pg. 12....Point Of View
Pg. 13....Financial Matters: Is Jack Buying A Good Investment?
Pg. 16....Breeding: Training A Young Jack To Breed
Pg. 18....Coast-To-Coast
Pg. 20....California Dreaming
Pg. 23....Farm Directory
Pg. 28....Books-Books-Books
Breed Profile:
     "Less is known of the different breeds of jacks and jennets than any other type of livestock. This is true even in those regions in which they are best known, while in many sections of our country absolutely nothing is known of them. They simply know that a donkey is a donkey, and that the end of it. Now, we conceive it to be of the utmost importance that breeders especially should make themselves familiary with all the different breeds, because there is a vast difference..........."
July 1988
(41 Pages)








All Rights Reserved.
Pg.  1....About The Cover/Inaugural Speech of ABAJJ President - 1888
Pg.  2....Editorial Comment
Pg.  4....Obituary
Pg.  5....Letter
Pg.  6....Statistics
Pg.  7....Retrospect/The American Mammoth Jack & His Kentucky Roots
Pg.  9....Stars Of The Past
Pg. 12....Solid Start/1888 Registration Rules/Ah, The Good Ol' Days
Pg. 14....Mammoth Or Not/Make A Choice
Pg. 16....Sonette/Poitous
Pg. 20....Fescue Toxicity
Pg. 22....Blister Beetles In Alfalfa Hay
Pg. 23....Jack Sores/Have A Pair Of Riding Mules
Pg. 24....Fly Season
Pg. 26....Greatest Jack Stock Importations - 1885 to 1889
Pg. 28....Excerpt From Greatest Jack Stock Importations
Pg. 29....Commercial Advertisement/California
Pg. 30....Farm Directory
Pg. 34....Commercial Advertisement/Classifieds
Pg. 39....Free - Or Nearly So/Publications
Pg. 41....Advertisement Rate Chart
Retrospect/The american mammoth Jack & His Kentucky Roots:
     "Assuming that the reader is familiar with the fact that there are half a dozen or so varieties of asses, many of whom resembling one another in externals, we wish to depict the AMERICAN MAMMOTH JACK STOCK as bred in KENTUCKY in the 1800's only, and no attempt has been made to include jacks, donkeys, or burros belonging to the various other breeds....."
October 1988
(47 Pages)





All Rights Reserved.
Pg.  1....Editorial, by B.A. Lange, Secretary/SJJR
Pg.  2....Letters To The Editor
Pg.  4....The Stallion Ass For Mule Breeding/Poitou Baudet
Pg.  7....Exclusive....But Confidential
Pg.  8....Photographs Of Poitou Jacks
Pg.  9....Breeders Profile: Thomas E. Berry
Pg. 16....Reprint/Letter From Colonel Louis M. Monsees, 1938
Pg. 17....Purebreed Types Of Jacks In Spain
Pg. 20....American Minor Breeds Conservancy - Reprint/Economics, by Phil Sponenberg
Pg. 22....Nostalgia Section/1941 Sales Catalog
Pg. 26....Export Statistics
Pg. 29....Weaning Time, by B.A. Lange
Pg. 32....Farm Directory
Pg. 40....Classified Advertisement
Pg. 44....Letter From Your American Mammoth Jack Stock Journal
Pg. 46....Advertisement Rates
Pg. 47....The Miller, His Son and The Ass/A Story
Editorial Comment:
     ".......Our jacks and jennets should be protected from extinction and be honored and admired as a "living artifact of an American ideal" and our breeders and owners should be assisted, perhaps in the form of tax incentives........"
VOLUME II - January 1989 thru Fall 1989 Issues
January 1989
(43 Pages)





All Rights Reserved.
Pg.  1....Thank You From The American Mammoth Jack Stock Journal
Pg.  2....History Of The Organization - American Breeder's Association Of Jacks & Jennets
Pg.  4....History Of The Organization - Standard Jack & Jennet Registry Of America / SJJR
Pg.  5....Prominent Jack & Mule People Of The Past: Luke McClure Emerson
Pg.  9....Winterization
Pg. 12....1941 Sales Catalog - A Look At The Past
Pg. 19....A Favorite Mule Story
Pg. 21....We Get Letters: 1921 Jack Bonner Bradley
Pg. 24....Breedrs Profile / Talton C. Mercer
Pg. 26....A Pictorial Letter From Leon Oliver / "Still in The Family"
Pg. 33....Farm Directory
Pg. 37....In The Marketplace
Pg. 43....Advertisement Rates
history of the organization - american breeder's association of jacks & jennets:
     ".......The great breeding points were still Tennessee and Kentucky, and distant states, such as Arkansas and Texas, began an unprecedented demand, at first for the inferior, but year by year demanding better stock than the year previous, both individually and by pedigree. The extreme south, too, like Louisiana and Mississippi,........"
April 1989
(44 Pages)






All Rights Reserved.
Pg.  1....Reminiscences Of Jacks & Jack Breeders: Dr. L.W. Knight, 1891
Pg.  9....Prominent Jack & Mule People Of The Past: Louis M. Monsees
Pg. 12....Plans For A Safe Breeding Chute
Pg. 16....Reproduction: Beating The Odds
Pg. 18....Nostalgia Section: Reproduction Of 1941 Sales Catalog
Pg. 20....The African Wild Ass: 1895
Pg. 24....Agriculture & The Constitution: George Washington & Thomas Jefferson
Pg. 26....Leading Breeders Of 1988
Pg. 27....Letter From Dr. Sharon Lynn Vanderlip & Senator Pete Wilson
Pg. 28....Breed Profile: The American Mammoth Jack Stock
Pg. 31....Book Sale
Pg. 33....Breeders Directory
Pg. 37....Let's Hear It For Those Poor Endangered Mules, by Roy Meador
Pg. 38....In The Marketplace
prominent jack & mule people of the past: Louis M. Monsees:
     "....As he says of himself: "A man who can not hew to the line of his business has no use for the business." Mr. Monsees held his first public sale in 1881, when the total receipt was $8, 490. Step by step he mounted the ladder which was destined to carry him to the goal of his ambition - to prove to the world, by the average prices obtained for his stock, that he was breeding the best jacks and jennets in the world. In March, 1905, twenty-four years since his first annual sale, Mr. Monsees sold a number of jacks and jennets...."
Summer 1989
(32 Pages)









All Rights Reserved.
Pg.  1....An Open Letter Of Appreciation from B.A. Lange
Pg.  4....Export News 1989
Pg.  5....Rose Gould Of Gould's Half-Ass Acres Writes
Pg.  6....The Breeding & Rearing Of Jacks, Jennets & Mules: Dr. L.W. Knight
Pg. 11....The Maltese & Other Observations: Dr. L.W. Knight
Pg. 14....Nostalgia Section: Reproduction Of 1941 Sales Catalog
Pg. 16....Prominent Jack & Mule People Of The Past: Guyton & Harrington
Pg. 19....Colorful Question?
Pg. 20....What's Happening?/Stud News Feature
Pg. 24....Farm Directory
Pg. 26....In The Marketplace
Pg. 27....Classifieds
the breeding and rearing of jacks, jennets & mules:
     "As I am writing this book for the interest of my young countrymen and wishing to give them my experience, I have concluded to give them a brief history of one of my trips after the Civil War of 1861 to 1865. Previous to the war, I was extensively engaged in breeding stock, especially the jacka dn jennet. I had procured a first-class jennet jack, Maringo Mammoth, at the cost of $2,160, and after using him exclusively as a jennet jack at $40 per jennet.
     I had at the time about seventy-five jacks and jennets and was compelled to farm many of them out to stockmen on the shares...."
     ".......when the four years' war was ended, many of the farms in my section of Middle Tennessee were torn to pieces, both armies having been about there for a number of months and finally met at our city, Murfreesboro, and fought one of the heavy battles of the war...."
     "Stock could not be disposed of in my county, owing to the ravages of the war, but must be taken off where the people had not suffered so much, and where such stock was needed, and also where there was money....."
Fall 1989
(36 Pages)








All Rights Reserved.
Pg.  1....Registry Announcement
Pg.  2....The American Mammoth Jack - 1913
Pg.  3....Protecting A Heritage. Editorial by B.A. Lange, Secretary, AMJR
Pg.  4....What's Happening: News Feature
Pg.  7....Report: Active Breeders By Volume & Location
Pg.  9....Happy Halloween By Rose Gould
Pg. 12....Introducing The Breeders & Owners Of Registered American Mammoth Jack Stock: Pine Spring Acres - South Carolina
Pg. 14...."Helping Each Other"
Pg. 15....News From The Morris Animal Foundation: Cleaner Pastures Equals Fewer Parasites
Pg. 18....Introducing The Breeders & Owners Of Registered American Mammoth Jack Stock, continued: Burnap Farm - Minnesota
Pg. 21....Announcing Publication Of American Minor Breeds Conservancy's Minor Breeds Notebook
Pg. 22....Breeding Farm Experiences: A Pictorial Essay, As Told By B.A. Lange
Pg. 30....Farm Directory
Pg. 32....In The Marketplace
Pg. 33....Classified Advertisement
Pg. 35...."May the Wind Blow Always At Your Back!"
protecting a heritage. editorial by b.a. lange, secretary, amjr :
     "Our stock is getting very valuable, and several outstanding individuals recently have proven to be an excellent investment, not only in terms of monetary value, but as potential seedstock for preserving the very existence of our breed. As with all rare and valuable, we must protect the breed, and that needs to include to protect them from fraud......"
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