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Illustrations & Photos
Prominent Jacks in AMJR History
Barytone Mammoth   15.2 H Foaled 1906 Sold for $3030 in 1910
Ben Franklin   15.1 H Foaled 1907 Kentucky State Fair Champion
Choice Goods   15.2 H Foaled 1902 Sweepstakes Winner
Cook's Napoleon 2nd   15.3 H Foaled 1902 Special Prize Cup 1905 Kentucky State Fair
Day Star  


Foaled 1884

1st premium jacks any age, Clarksville, Tennessee
Dr. Hartman (Mike)   15 H Foaled 1902 Reserve Champion 1904 Louisiana Purchase Expo
Dr. McChord   15 H Foaled 1894 Credited with siring more premium jacks than any other living or dead
Eagle     Foaled 1905  
General Wood   15.1 H Foaled 1902 Champion Breeder's Cup, Tennessee State Fair
Good Nature   15.3 H Foaled 1903  
Great Eastern Catalonian     Imported 1887
High Style   14.3 H Foaled 1901  
High Tide   15.3 H Foaled 1902  
JenJack   14.2 H Foaled 1971  
Kansas Chief   15.2 H Foaled 1910 Grand Champion Jack, 1915 San Francisco World's Fair
King Of Inca Majorcan 15.3 H Foaled 1886 Imported 1888
Landcaster   15 H Foaled 1900  
LeFleur Poitou 15.3 H Foaled 1886 Imported 1889
Lightning   15.2 H Foaled 1887 1st premium 2 year old, 1889 Nashville and Columbia
Limestone Mammoth   15.3 H Foaled 1891 10 years of exhibition - never defeated
Maringo Mammoth   16 H Foaled 1846 Sold for $2160
Michaelis' Model   14.2 H Foaled 1903 Class & Sweepstakes Winner, 1905 San Antonio Int'l Fair
Mikado   15.2 H Foaled 1901 Champion 1904 World's Fair
Mohawk Glenwater   16 H Foaled 1895 Multiple premiums at 1902 Kentucky State Fair
Moniteau Chief   15.1 H Foaled 1898  
Orphan Boy   16 H Foaled 1899 Grand Champion 1904 World's Fair
PCF's Handsome Samson   15.1 H Foaled 1984  
Rhynwood's Crockett   15.1 H Foaled 1982  
Samson   15.2 H Foaled 1895 Sired 1st place mules, Missouri State Fair. Grand dam's sire, Black Hawk won 56 out of 59 shows.
Siemon's Aristocrat   14.3 H Foaled 1978 National Grand Champion Model Donkey
Starlight Sr. 81   16 H Foaled 9/26/1880 Beaten in competition only by his offspring. First premium breeding jack with 9 of his jack offspring at his side, all but two of these offspring were also prize winners, 1889 Tennessee State Fair
Starlight Paragon   15 H Foaled 1899 1st Place 2 yr old and second sweepstakes premium, 1901 Texas State Fair.

Limestone Valley World's Fair Prize List

Claudia Alta "Lady Bird" Taylor Johnson (left) and companion riding donkeys, c. 1926.

Credit: LBJ Library Photo

Full Circle - Donkeys & American Mammoth Jackstock in Australia
by Pat Emmett, Southern Skys Donkey Stud, Wombat, NSW, Australia
February 2003


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